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God Awareness: Implications for Daily Life

In our daily lives, finding peace and meaning can be challenging. The decisions we make affects our relationships, goals and essentially our wellbeing. We are imperfect in our ways and often fall short of God's glory, which ultimately influences our choices both positively and negatively.

But what I know to be true is that in the chaos, we can learn to embrace God’s unmerited favor while navigating life with more grace, love, and compassion. We can do this with God Awareness.

What is God Awareness? God awareness is a conscious awareness of God’s divine presence in our lives. It is a reminder that He is never far but with us and available to help us receive His grace. It is a decision not to live waywardly but to be guided by what we know to be true about God.

God Awareness can have a significant impact on decision-making. If you have a desire to live differently, God awareness can uncloud your judgment, helping you align your decision with His will. Our walk with God must be more than memorizing and quoting scripture when it’s convenient. Our spiritual journey and relationship with God has to become more practical because it is in the application of the Word that we embody the light on top of the hill. The Bible reminds us that our help comes from the Lord, but is this scripture empty and devoid of power? Sometimes, we need to sit and ask ourselves, what does this really mean? And do I genuinely believe it? I’m not talking about head knowledge, but heart knowledge because the heart reflects our true selves. When an awareness of God becomes a consistent part of our lives, a weight is lifted, and there is access to an unexplainable joy and peace that leads to fulfillment and a meaningful existence. God awareness is a gateway to receive God’s blessings and favor.

In conclusion, let’s make a decision today to cultivate a conscious awareness of God, a space where He is walking with us, guiding us, talking with us, and leading us in the way that we should go.


Lord, I come before you humbly, asking you to walk with me, talk with me, and lead me in the way that I should go. God, overtake me with your presence and break me free of guilt and wrongdoing. God, I want to see you and experience you in every area of my life, no parts of myself are closed off to you. Give me more peace and joy as I learn to navigate my life.

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