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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

At Upward Call Counseling PLLC, we believe that everyone has the potential to reach their goals and find healing. Our team of licensed professionals in North Carolina are dedicated to helping clients from all walks of life, regardless of their background or beliefs. Our team members have a variety of therapeutic approaches and graduate level education to provide our clients with individualized plans. Upward Call Counseling PLLC offers Christian counseling as well as traditional counseling options  when requested. We are committed to helping our clients reach their highest potential.

Our Story

At Upward Call Counseling PLLC, we are passionate about helping individuals find their God-given purpose and destiny. We provide a safe and comfortable environment where individuals can share their thoughts and feelings without judgement. Our experienced counselors bring the Word of God into the room, and make it practical and applicable to their lives. We believe in providing people with the tools they need to make positive changes and take control of their life.

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